Emergency Vehicle Conversions

Emergency Vehicle Conversions

The column-mounted shifter will certainly be readily available on Models 579 as well as 567 bought with automated transmissions starting in October 2017.

Fire Command Vehicle Conversions and Peterbilt is pleased to introduce a new, ergonomic column-mounted shifter on the Designs 579 and 567. The column-mounted shifter will be conventional on trucks equipped with the automated PACCAR Transmission as well as those geared up with Eaton Advantage and Ultra Shift AMTs.

With the application of the column-mounted lever, a new-design pinch shutoff located on the dash changed the typical bar for trailer brake activation, significantly enhancing control throughout combining and uncoupling maneuvers.

The brand-new shifter, situated on the right-hand side of the guiding column, features a multi-mode style and enables control of all transmission and engine brake functions, including gear option, engine brake mode and also handbook shifting. The column-mounted shifter areas controls at the chauffeur’s finger tips, decreasing interruptions as well as enabling an enhanced concentrate on roadway problems and also surrounding website traffic.

” The column-mounted shifter takes the functional designs of the Designs 579 and also 567 to a new level,” said Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt Principal Engineer. “The column-mounted shifter was designed based on extensive researches of motorist behavior as well as comfort designs. This brand-new layout also allowed us to improve the functionality of our dashboard by getting rid of engine brake control switches over.”

Incident Command Cabinets

Incident Command Cabinets

Incident Command Cabinets are for Emergency first responders The Pierce High Circulation commercial Device features the initial application of a Darley 2ZSM water pump that delivers up to 10,000 gallons each minute flow rate from a pressurized water resource, as well as additional reach to keep firemens additionally away from injury. “We functioned extremely carefully with the Darley group to designer and incorporate the system’s elements, that include a set of Darley ZSM pumps that are coupled together on an usual transmission to supply unusual efficiency,” stated John Schultz, director of pumper as well as custom framework items. “To say the least, it’s a very outstanding firefighting system.” Pierce has been awarded 5 years of exclusivity on the Darley 2ZSM for commercial fire apparatus applications.

Vehicle Cabinets brand-new Pierce ® High Circulation Industrial Device that can streaming 5,500 gallons per minute when drafting, as well as up to 10,000 gallons each min when drawing from a pressurized water source. This powerful as well as industry-leading car will get on display at booth # 2801 at Fire Rescue International (FRI) in Charlotte, NC on July 27-29.

Simpleness of procedure is one more emphasis of Pierce’s item development team. One case in point is Pierce’s unique shutoff controllers that provide true shutoff placement sign and an unprecedented level of control with the touch of a switch. Furthermore, the brand-new patent-pending circulation meters are a sector first, and also supply accurate circulation data across a broad variety of flow rates.

Pierce Production today presented the brand-new Pierce High Circulation Industrial Apparatus that can streaming 5,500 gallons per min when drafting, and also up to 10,000 gallons per minute when attracting water from a positive (hydrant) resource. This powerful automobile will certainly get on display screen at cubicle # 2801 at Fire Rescue International (FRI) in Charlotte, NC on July 27-29.

The Pierce High Circulation Industrial Device is available on either the Pierce Velocity ® or Pierce Arrow XT ™ personalized chassis, each including a 600 hp engine.

To enhance the water pumping abilities of the brand-new Pierce High Flow Industrial Device, Pierce increased its distinguished line of Husky ™ foam systems. The brand-new Husky 450 foam system delivers up to 450 gallons of foam concentrate per minute. “When streaming this much water, the foam system and various other crucial components has to keep pace, which’s exactly what we have actually had the ability to accomplish with this device,” added Schultz.

” In emergency scenarios, when a commercial pumper is called into action, optimum water and foam circulation are the leading priorities, and that’s precisely what we have actually achieved with the brand-new Pierce High Circulation Industrial Apparatus– it’s numbers are off the charts, and set the new performance benchmark,” said Matt McLeish, elderly vice president of Sales and Advertising of the Fire & Emergency situation segment. “Equally important, nevertheless, is the firefighting system’s endurance, reliability, as well as simplicity of operation. The brand-new high-flow commercial device supplies the reliability firefighters get out of Pierce.”