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Vehicle Cabinets and Weapons Cabinets

Vehicle Cabinets | Weapons Cabinets and Weapons Lockers are used in Law Enforcement Vehicle and Emergency Vehicle Conversions.  First Responders Vehicle Cabinets.  Emergency Trucks like Peterbilt are pleased to introduce the schedule of the Bendix ® Versajust ® LS slack insurer as well as the Bendix ® Eversure ® spring break as factory choices.

The Bendix ® Eversure springtime break uses the possibility for boosted payload, much better fuel economy and lower expense of the procedure. The Eversure system is equipped with among the lightest chambers on the North American market, conserving approximately 8 pounds. per tandem axle. The just recently improved No Touch ™ Power Springtime design removes coil clash, while an enhanced power spring shut height reduces stress and anxieties on the springtime and also permits the brake to preserve its pressure output with time.

The Bendix Versajust LS is a link-style automated slack adjuster that could extend lining life by as much as 16% as well as drum life by approximately 30%. The Versajust LS is created to substantially decrease brake upkeep and lessen the threat of dragging brakes. The slack insurer is covered by a conventional 6-year/1.0 M mile guarantee.

The Versajust slack adjusters and Eversure spring brakes are offered for both guide and also drive axles on the Peterbilt Versions 579, 567, 520, 389, 367 as well as 365 along with in Design 579 and 389 glider kits.